With thanks to our customers for the following reviews.

Russ Daniel
We had been looking for a 2nd hand van but couldn’t find one that had all the fittings and layout we wanted. We started looking at new vans but found we were obliged to add this and that to bring it up to spec. Driving past the Crusader dealership one Sunday we dropped in to kick the tyres. Just about everything we wanted was standard and build quality was obvious. An hour later, we had swapped the washing machine for an oven and added ESC and signed on the dotted line.

Carolyn Nelson
We had been looking and researching for about 18 months. Nothing ticked all the boxes although we saw some lovely vans. In June we looked at 2 manufacturers, one of which was Crusader. At first view we loved the full height cupboard at the door and the standard of finish throughout the van. After another 2 visits we decided on The Trailbreaker – my husband was really impressed with the airbag system, lithium batteries etc. We’ve only made minor changes to the caravan and are now waiting for a 2021 delivery! After reading all the comments on this group, we are confident we have made the right choice and can’t wait to get travelling

Julie Dawn Coster
When we first were looking at caravans, crusader was the first port of call. Due to the car we had the time, we could not tow the van. We went to another brand. Due to our kids growing up, it was time to look at a new van. Well, we went straight to Crusader and yayy we were able to buy one. Will not regret buying the best on the market. The way the van is built, it sure is quality workmanship. It is not about the quality of building, it’s the quality. Love how Crusader is warmer than previous van, and that of course is because of the depth of insulation around the van. Crusader tows like a dream behind our new car. Does not feel it is behind you. We love our Aramis and will not change it for the world. It is the comfort all round that wants us wanting to go out more. Crusader all the way.

Loretta Woodford
We were ready to upgrade and Crusader had everything we could have asked for. With our Muskateer Aramis, we were able to choose the colours we wanted, inside and out. We were able to design and add exactly what we wanted, and we love our Queen size bed. Our salesman also had ideas that we had not thought about. All the extras to make life easy. Thankyou Dennis. We are very happy with the choice we made and love being part of the Crusader family.

Renee Ellis
We wanted a full van with bunks and shower and toilet that was under 2.5t to tow. Crusader was one our options. The minute we walked inside the Family Bunkie at the LeisureFeast we fell in love with the quality, space, storage, and value for money. The service we have received from Crusader has been brilliant. We are now on our second lap of Oz and our van has been brilliant every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend Crusader vans more highly.

Dwayne Mooney
Australian owned and built. Great height inside of our Musketeer. The Grey over black exterior colours never dates. The only issue we have with our loved Musky is there are no issues to talk about.

Carol Allen
After having 3 Euro vans in 8 years, we decided it was time to buy an Australian van. It just happened that the dealer we bought our Euros from started selling Crusader. One look and we were hooked!! We love our Aramis and Crusader has been absolutely amazing! We could not be happier with our decision and our van. It’s the best van we have ever had!!

Jennifer Willson
We looked around for quite some time. The Crusader Prince design ticked all the boxes for what we had been looking for. We travel with our Adult disabled daughter therefore we were looking for a caravan to accommodate 3 adults. The Crusader Prince is like nothing else on the Market. We loved the club lounge that turns into a double bed for our daughter. The doors separating the bedroom from the rest of the van also gives us the privacy we need. The quality of the build was also another tick for us.

Annette Hermens
We loved that Crusader listened to what we wanted 8 years ago. Crusader worked with us in designing our perfect van.

Gail Green
Our friends had a Crusader Manhattan that we loved so we copied them. Ours is 10yrs old but we love it. It has recliner chairs, the best thing ever!!

Wendie Youl
We bought a Crusader Inspiration about 7 years ago and lived the van. When deciding to upgrade we went for another Crusader. We love the style, the build and most of all the service. Nothing is too much trouble and we feel part of the Crusader family.

Peter Wilson
We attended a regional Caravan and Camping Show as newbies never having owned a van or camper armed with a long list of must haves thanks to Google and caravanning friends. The Crusader Duke on show ticked all our boxes. We have now completed two extensive trips in our 2019 Duke and love the choice we made.

Dean Rogers
Absolutely the finest caravan on the market. When you look at others around the same price range there are so many quality features that stand out on a crusader caravan. They are built with love and built to last and once you’ve had one you won’t want anything else. quality

Samantha Young
been an insider of the caravanning world, you just know you have to go with quality. For me it was these factors that got us hooked on a crusader!
1. the quality for the price tag (some Van’s with high price tags without the quality)
2. Australia made (some say they are, but they are not)
3. made to order (I’m picky)
4. the reviews from long term crusader owners weigh out the negative (which isn’t many negatives)
5. the warranty that the crusaders have
6. the list goes on you get my drift.
I’m glad that my wonderful salesman didn’t give up on me THANK YOU Dennis, he knew what I wanted and made sure I had it all! Having such an awesome knowledgeable salesman also helps with a sale and crusaders dealerships are full of knowledge
We are very happy with our palace

Alan Rogers
Our Inspiration is 10 years old and cannot fault the build or the fit out after a few initiation purchases the Inspiration suits our needs and wants perfectly and off at the end of the month for a few days RnR, Crusader help out with queries and Facebook Crusader site has some of the happiest caravanners to turn to for tips it’s DEFINITELY the best van n the best company

Nicolle Dempster
Australian built. Quality of build. Inclusions. Ease of getting the extras we wanted. Layout we loved and being able to see it in the flesh – so many brands would build what we wanted but it’s a risk without seeing it. And would you believe the width of the toilet space was the clincher – we rejected so many brands as hubby’s arm movement was restricted.

Fiona Hall
We wanted a van with bunks and toilet and shower but were limited to towing 2.5t. Other brands we looked at had to choose straight of the brochure with no flexibility in design or choices and they tried to sell us vans we didn’t really want. Crusader was brilliant! Our van was built to our specs with so much flexibility to ensure we’re underweight. No other brand offered that service and the quality, finish and value for money isn’t even comparable. Stoked with our bunkie and Dennis’s honesty and service was beyond expectation. Can’t recommend the brand enough!

Brenton Bowley
After deciding to get a caravan after 30+ years of 4WD touring in a camper trailer, we spent a VERY LONG time researching types of vans & their manufacturers. As we had particular wants straight of the shelf wasn’t going to work for us. Crusader & associated Dealer were the only ones willing to Frankenstein van for us, a stretched Porthos on a X-Country chassis. Had it now for 5 years it’s a keeper!

Matthew Patterson
After looking at a range of other brands and styles of caravan, only the Crusader range ticked all the boxes. I only wished we discovered Crusader earlier in our research endeavours. Eighteen months on, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with a Crusader caravan.

Chris Ian Stevens
We attended Qld Caravan show in June 2012! After looking at numerous brands separately, both my husband and I chose the Inspiration! We both loved the layout, the quality of the finish inside and out! When we did order through Brisbane RV we were pleased to find we could have some custom made to order inclusions such as an outside fold down door to cupboard under the sink! Wonderful for easy access to bigger items such as frypan, wok, slow cooker etc! After 8 years, upholstery and carpentry has weathered well! We travel with our cat! I love that it is still dust proof, (no dust in cupboards above wheel wells or under fridge!!) So pleased we went with a Crusader!

Maxine Dashwood
We bought our Excalibur Duke as Crusader was the only manufacturer who would build to our special requirements. Thoroughly love our mobile palace and would look at a Crusader if and when we buy again. Lewis RV were brilliant dealers.

Lola Shanks
The perfect van in every way. Looked for 9 years. One look at this van and I was hooked.

Michael Press
My dear late wife and I brought a Mark 11 crusader second hand, unfortunately she passed away with cancer before she had a trip in it, so when I did the half lap your from Perth and up the centre over nearly three months I took her ashes with me, it was her idea to caravan and see what Australia has to offer. Sometimes life deals you a shit card. Love tripping in it.

Lynn Lidwinski
Purchased our 2015 Excalibur 2 years ago we were newbies to caravanning & feel in love with the spaciousness of the Crusader. We have all the creature comforts we need while on the road for weeks on end. More than happy with our current Crusader but not ruling out a new one in our future.

Jude Groeneveld
We had been looking to upgrade our poptop to a full en-suite van for a while. My hubby kept a spreadsheet of caravans reviews, good and bad and reasons for or against certain vans. He got it down to a short list and Crusader was on that list. We were fortunate enough to come across a van that had just come on the market, ono, 16 months old and used twice. The couple decided that caravanning was not for them and the rest is history- oh we got it in February 2020 and bloody Covid hit so Ari (Musketeer Aramis) has been sitting in the carport waiting for our first trip away (which we are on now)

Trish Tilbrook
We love the thoughtfulness that has gone into making the crusader caravan a comfortable home. We have a Musketeer recliner as we love the comfort and manoeuvrability that they provide. The low weight and 900kgm carrying capacity was matched by no other. We did a lot of research on other makes and they were all not up to the Crusader standard. I asked one other maker why they didn’t provide usb chargers and he laughed and said that was extra. We have also enjoyed dealing with Michael and his crew and watching the excellent videos on how things work. We have had our Muskie for eight days now and are very impressed with it. The fridge size and elevation is excellent for two people. Shower is great. We now play spot the other Crusaders on the road. Now at Lake Indoon WA.

Wayne N Gail Rachow
In our travels we have seen so many Van’s on the road but we have to say our Crusader is by far the best – Inspiration Last Edition !!!

Frank Holland
Our prince is our 4th van and the first crusader. Initially we were impressed with the layout. Then looked at the finish and the features and I was sold. We are now on our maiden voyage…. love our prince. Haven’t found a fault yet. Don’t think we will.

Amanda Paul Cassells
We were originally going to buy a more common brand van until at the Brisbane Caravan Show we stumbled across the Musketeer Athos recliner and felt that for not a lot more money we would be getting exactly what we were looking for and a quality build.

Emma Sprunt
We brought another Crusader as we had loved our previous one which we had for nine years. Looked at other vans but just couldn’t go past the Crusader

Carlo Ravi
After owning a camper trailer, then 2 caravans, we went along to a caravan show expecting to buy a Jayco as we previously owned 2, luckily, we stumbled upon the crusader site and fell in love, the quality difference was night and day, from cupboard and furniture quality to undercarriage neatness, I found myself with nothing to fix or silicone clean or tighten, as previously I was used to. 6 months on and 1st service coming up, I think our fix list is probably only 1 cupboard latch that has to be adjusted, and that’s a true testament of its quality build, keep up the good work Crusader, cheers.